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2019年新加坡精品推荐:飞龙币 光绪元宝

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2019年新加坡精品推荐:飞龙币 光绪元宝



飞龙币 光绪元宝


直径:光绪3.9cm 飞龙3.9cm     

重量:光绪26.9g 飞龙26.7g

Feilong coin Guangxu Yuanbao

Number: XJPPM-00009

Diameter: Guangxu 3.9 cm Feilong 3.9 cm

Weight: Guangxu 26.9g Feilong 26.7g


Hong Xian commemorative coin is a fine piece of Chinese coins in modern times, with historical edification, is a highly valuable revolutionary cultural relic, with far-reaching historical commemorative significance; at the same time, it is also a rare object in Archaeology and research of Chinese history and culture. The precious "Hongxian commemorative coin" records the tremendous history of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. After a hundred years of ups and downs, the "Hongxian commemorative coin" is not much in stock, especially the better quality is more scarce, so it is very popular with collectors.


This Chinese Empire Feilong coin in the Hongxian era has a face and chest image of Yuan Shikai. Yuan Shikai is dressed in marshal's clothes, wearing a crown of heron feathers and a badge on his chest. In the center of the back is the flying dragon pattern, which is vivid. The four characters of "Empire of China" are inscribed on the top, and the four words of "Hongxian Era" are inscribed on the bottom, with the edge of the teeth. The design has obvious imperial color, exquisite casting worker, exquisite appearance, high collection value, few handed down, very precious. At the same time, it is also an important material material material to witness the historical events such as Yuan Shikai's restoration of the monarchy, which is worth collecting.


Guangdong Shuanglongshou coin was coined in 1904 in Guangxu in 1930 to commemorate the 70th birthday of Empress Dowager Cixi. Among all the silver coins of Longyang pattern in China (including all the silver coins issued abroad), the coin is exquisite in craftsmanship, perfect in carving and strong in relief. Its mirror surface is smooth and smooth, and the line of inertia of decoration is very clear. Especially, the seven-coin series of Guangdong coins are exquisitely minted, with deep words, lines and sharp edges. It is totally foreign. The style of the coin. As the currency ready for circulation (although not circulating), its secret anti-counterfeiting is rare and incomparable. The surface of the coin is mellow, and even the layman who has not studied the silver dollar is fond of it and very ornamental.

钱币正面珠圈外上端镌刻 “广东省造”四字,下端镌刻楷书“库平七钱二分”,左右两侧各镌有一蝙蝠图案,珠圈内铸有满汉文“光绪元宝”字样。银币背面珠圈外铸双龙戏珠图案,珠圈内铸一圆形“寿”字。银币设计极富特色,正面两侧所铸的一对蝙蝠图案寓意吉祥。因蝙蝠的“蝠”字与“福”字谐音,在币面上铸蝙蝠图案意在取“蝠”、“福”两字谐音,与背面的“寿”字相对应,寓意“福寿双全”。

The front of the coin is inscribed with four characters of "made in Guangdong Province" on the upper end of the bead ring, and the bottom is inscribed with regular script "Kuping Qian Bian". There is a bat pattern on both sides. The inside of the bead ring is inscribed with the words "Guangxu Yuan Bao" in Manchu and Chinese. On the back of the silver coin, a double dragon balloon pattern is cast outside the bead circle, and a round "Shou" character is cast inside the bead circle. Silver coin design is very distinctive. The bat pattern on both sides of the front implies auspiciousness. Because of the homonym between the word "bat" and the word "fortune", the bat pattern on the coin surface is intended to take the homonym of the words "bat" and "fortune", which corresponds to the word "longevity" on the back, implying "both fortune and longevity".


Dragon is the symbol of power, nobility and honor in Chinese traditional culture. Among the collections, the collection of dragons is the most abundant and has great appreciation space. Therefore, it has become the law of the collection circle that every Dragon must hide and every Dragon must rise. Especially the porcelain and silver coins, which are marked by the image of the dragon, have only risen for many years.