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藏品推荐:方寸名著 西游记整版邮票

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藏品推荐:方寸名著 西游记整版邮票



【藏品名称】方寸名著 西游记整版邮票

【藏品类别】 邮票

【邮票规格】一册 38毫米×50毫米


【整张枚数】 版式一 16枚、版式二 8枚(2套)

【整张规格】版式一 180毫米×240毫米、版式二 200毫米×156毫米





[Collection Name] Local Famous Journey to the West Full Edition Stamps

[Collection Category] Stamp

[Stamp Specification] Volume 1 38 mm x 50 mm

Teeth: 13 x 13.5 degrees

[Full Zhangmei number] 1 16 layout, 8 layout(2 sets)

[Full Specification] Layout 1 180 mm x 240 mm, Layout 2 200 mm x 156 mm

[Edition] Photowriting

[Release Date] 2015

[Issuing Unit] China Post





Journey to the West is the first romantic long magic novel written by the Ming Dynasty novelist Wu Chengen. It mainly describes Sun Wukong, Pig Eight Commandments, and Shayan's protection of the Tang Dynasty's westbound scriptures. They encountered Eighty-one difficulties along the way, all the way down the demons, saved the day, and finally reached the West Heaven to obtain the story of the true scriptures. The series of stamps designed by Liyunzhong used the method of meticulous creation to faithfully depict the classic scenes of the original book. The story of the picture is strong, the characters are shaped with individuality, and the colors are simple and delicate.



The first four major themes issued by China Post were in 1979. The "Chinese Classical Literature Masterpiece-Journey to the West"(1), released in 2015, opened the curtain of the "Journey to the West" series of stamps. The stamps used the technique of writing pens to restore and illustrate the classic scenes of the original book. The second group, which was released in 2017, was selected from the fifteenth to the twenty-fourth round of content. It was carefully created by the famous artist Liyunzhong. It showed Bailongma, the Eight Commanders, the Shasha River, and the stealing of ginseng fruit. Four stories.

“智取白龙马”取自第十五回“蛇盘山诸神暗佑 鹰愁涧意马收缰”。白龙马,本是西海龙王三太子,因纵火烧毁玉帝赏赐的明珠,触犯天条,犯下死罪,幸亏观音菩萨出面才免于死罪,被贬到蛇盘山鹰愁涧。当行者服侍唐僧路过此地,突然钻出一条龙来,将唐僧所骑的白马一口吞下。这时观音菩萨差来一路神祗,将此龙点化,锯角退鳞,变身为白龙马(图3),皈依佛门,取经路上供唐僧坐骑,任劳任怨,历尽艰辛,终于修成正果。

"Taking Bailongma" was taken from the fifteenth round of "The Snake Panshan Gods secretly bless the eagle and pick up the horse." Bailongma, who was the three princes of the West Sea Dragon King, committed the death penalty by setting fire to the Pearl rewarded by the Jade Emperor. Fortunately, Guanyin Bodhisattva came forward to avoid the death penalty and was relegated to the Snake Mountain Eagle. When the wayfarer served Tang Hao through this place, he suddenly drilled out a dragon and swallowed the white horse he rode. At this time, Guanyin Bodhisattva came all the way to the gods, the dragon point, saw the corner to scale, turned into Bailongma(Figure 3), converted to the Buddha Gate, took the road for the Tang Dynasty to ride, work hard, go through hardships, and finally become a positive result.


“八戒拜师”取自第十九回“云栈洞悟空收八戒 浮屠山玄奘受心经”。悟空在高老庄降妖,妖怪逃回福陵山云栈洞的老巢,入洞取出九齿钉耙和悟空大战,战败后问悟空为何多管闲事,悟空自报在保护唐僧取经,妖怪忙丢下钉耙,跟悟空去拜见唐僧(图4)。原来这妖怪原是上界天蓬元帅,因调戏嫦娥被贬下凡,在云栈洞为妖,后被观音菩萨点化,取名猪悟能,要他在此等候,保护唐僧西天取经。唐僧大喜,由和尚不得食用五荤三厌给他取名猪八戒,收他做了二徒弟。

"The Eight Commandments" was taken from the 19th "The Cloud Stack Cave Wukong received the Futushanxuanzang". Goku descended the demon in Gaolaozhuang, and the monster fled back to the nest of the cloud trestle in Fuling Mountain. After entering the hole, he took out the nine-tooth nail and the Wukong War. After the defeat, he asked Wukong why he had meddled in the matter. Wukong reported that he was protecting the Tang dynasty and took lessons. The monster was busy leaving the nail, and went with Wukong to see the Tang dynasty(Figure 4). It turned out that this monster was originally Marshal Tianpeng in the upper world. He was relegated to the earth because of the taunts. He was a demon in the cloud trestle cave, and was later named by Guanyin Bodhisattva. He was named pig Wuneng and asked him to wait here to protect Tang Xi Xi Tian. Tang Xi was overjoyed. The monk could not eat five pigs and three hatches to give him the name of the pig and he was accepted as the second apprentice.


“流沙河收沙僧”取自第二十二回“八戒大战流沙河 木叉奉法收悟净”。师徒三人来到流沙河,河中跳出来一个妖怪,要抢唐僧。八戒三战妖怪,妖怪却钻入水中,隐迹潜踪,渺然不见。于是悟空前往南海请观音收服。观音说明此妖怪是卷帘大将,失手打碎琉璃盏,被贬下界,派遣木叉与悟空来收服。沙僧奉木叉命令,取下自己项下由九个骷髅头连接而成的项链,将葫芦安放在中间,结成一只法船,木叉护送唐僧过河,师徒四人辞别木叉继续西行。

"The Shasha River receives sand" was taken from the 22nd round of the "Eight Commandments of the Battle of the Shasha River". The three teachers and disciples came to the Liusha River and a monster jumped out of the river to rob the Tang Dynasty. The Eight Commandments and Three Wars Monster, the monster was drilled into the water, hidden and hidden. So Wukong went to the South China Sea to ask Guanyin to accept it. Guanyin explained that this monster was a general of the curtain, missed the glass, was relegated to the lower world, and sent wooden forks and Wukong to take over. Under the command of the wooden fork, the sand monk took down the necklace made up of nine skulls under his own heading, placed the Gourd in the middle, and formed a boat. The wooden fork escorted Tang Yi across the river. The four teachers and disciples resigned from the wooden fork and continued to go West.


“偷吃人参果”取自第二十四回“万寿庄大仙留故友 五庄观行老窃人参”。师徒四人来到五庄观住下。这里有树结人参果,吃后长生不老。观主有事离开,命二童子将人参果给唐僧吃,好好招待。唐僧误认人参果为婴儿而未敢食,二童子便自己吃了,可却被悟空三人发现,勾起了馋虫。悟空偷果三个(图6),与八戒、沙僧分食。二童子大骂唐僧。悟空难忍毁骂,将树弄倒。观主镇元子以袍袖将唐僧一行尽笼而回。夜间师徒再次逃出。又被镇元子命将悟空下锅油炸,却被悟空以石狮变成自身将锅砸穿。

"Stealing ginseng fruit" was taken from the 24th "Wanshou Zhuang Daxian left his old friend Wuzhuang Guanxing old stolen ginseng." The four teachers and disciples came to Wuzhuang to live. Here are the fruit of ginseng and they will live forever after eating. Seeing that the Lord had something to leave, the two boys ordered the ginseng fruit to be eaten by the Tang Dynasty and served well. The Tang monk mistakenly recognized that ginseng fruit was a baby and did not dare to eat. The two boys ate themselves, but they were discovered by the three Goku people and brought up a glutton. Wukong stole three fruit(Figure 6), and ate with the Eight Commandments and the sand. The second boy shouted Tang Hao. Wukong could not bear to destroy and bring down the tree. Guanzhu Town Yuanzi returned to Tang Yi and his party with robes. Night teachers and disciples escaped again. He was also ordered by the town to fry Wukong, but Wukong turned himself into a stone lion and smashed the pot.




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