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Name: Mexican Eagle Currency


Specification: diameter: 3.8cm/ weight: 27g


Category: Coins

墨西哥银圆又叫做“墨银”或“鹰洋”,后讹为“英洋”。 1521年,西班牙殖民者占领了墨西哥,并于1535年在美洲设立了包括墨西哥与美国南部总共450万平方公里的第一个总督辖区,称之为“新西班牙总督区”。西班牙殖民者征服墨西哥后,曾试图使用西班牙银币。但是,他们很快发现,西班牙银币完全不能满足这个庞大的殖民地的需求。同时,为了便于把殖民地的贵金属运往宗主国,西班牙王室决定在殖民地设立造币厂。1535年,根据西班牙国王卡洛斯5世(Carlos V)的旨令,新西班牙总督区在征服者首领科尔特斯宅邸附近(现墨西哥城市中心宪法广场西侧)建立了美洲第一家造币厂。由于当时主要铸造银币,因此,开采和提炼的银子越来越多,铸币业一度成为当时最有活力的产业。

Mexican Silver Dollar is also called "Ink Silver" or "Eagle Ocean", and later "British Ocean". In 1521, the Spanish colonists occupied Mexico, and in 1535 established the first Governor's Territory in the Americas, which included Mexico and the southern United States, totalling 4.5 million square kilometres, known as the "New Spanish Governor's Territory". After conquering Mexico, the Spanish colonists tried to use Spanish silver coins. However, they soon found that Spanish silver coins could not meet the needs of the colony. At the same time, in order to facilitate the transport of precious metals from the colonies to the suzerain, the Spanish royal family decided to set up a mint in the colonies. In 1535, by the decree of King Carlos V of Spain, the New Spanish Governor's District established the first Mint in the Americas near the residence of the conqueror's leader, Cortez (now west of the Constitutional Square in Mexico's urban centre). As the main silver coins were mined at that time, more and more silver was mined and refined, and the coinage industry once became the most dynamic industry at that time.

1821年墨西哥独立后使用的新铸币,它是从1823年开始铸造的。鹰洋大体分为两种,1897年以前的花边鹰洋和1898年以后的直边鹰洋。晚清民国年间,外国银元输入中国 属墨西哥鹰洋最多。据清朝宣统一年(1910)度支 有三分之一是西哥鹰洋。西哥鹰洋的成色较其他外国银元为佳,而且多年不变,人们都乐于使用。墨西哥鹰洋 部调直计,当时中国所流通的外国银元约有十亿枚,其中 在中国南部、中部各流通非常广泛,几乎成为主币。

The new coin used in Mexico after its independence in 1821 was minted in 1823. The Eagle Ocean can be divided into two types, the Lace Eagle Ocean before 1897 and the Straight Eagle Ocean after 1898. During the late Qing and Republic of China, foreign silver dollars were imported most into China, which belonged to the Eagle Ocean of Mexico. According to the Xuan unified year (1910) of the Qing Dynasty, one third of the Duzhi is Xige Yingyang. West Brother Eagle Ocean is better than other foreign silver dollars in fineness, and has remained unchanged for many years, and people are happy to use it. According to Mexico's Eagle Ocean Department, there were about one billion foreign silver dollars circulated in China at that time. Among them, they were widely circulated in southern and central China and almost became the main currency.



In 1890 (the fifteenth year of Guangxu), with the founding of Longyang in China, the situation that foreign silver dollars such as Benyang and Yingyang were unified in our country was broken at one stroke. Sun Yat-sen and Yuan Shikai were like silver dollars (commonly known as "small head" and "big head"). Because of their excellent foundry, unified standards and the gradual awakening of the democratic and economic consciousness of the working people in China, they soon became aware of the situation. In 1914 (five years of the Republic of China), the government of the Republic of China ordered a large number of foreign silver coins to be recovered as raw materials for founding our country's silver coins. A large number of Mexican silver coins were dissolved and exported.



With the implementation of gold standard and silver standard in various countries, the source of foreign silver yuan is less. In 1919 (the eighth year of the Republic of China), the government of the Republic of China issued a decree prohibiting all foreign silver dollars from circulating in our market. In the currency reform of New China after liberation, the vast majority of old silver dollars were collected and exchanged.


In April 1973, Mexican President Echeviria visited China. Premier Zhou Enlai specifically invited the People's Bank of China to copy 24 Eagle Oceans and present them to him as a token of the Chinese people's friendly feelings towards the Mexican people. In May 1990, when Chinese President Yang Shangkun visited Mexico, he asked people to find five Mexican Eagle Oceans cast in 1893 in the Treasury of the Bank of Tianjin. Yingyang, with its unique charm, has circulated in China for more than half a century and has become an important witness in the history of Sino-Mexican exchanges.


The legend of " Mexican Eagle Currency" is not only an example of Mexican coinage art, but also an example of friendly exchanges between human beings. The history of coinage is not only a part of the culture of a country and a nation, but also an important part of human civilization.


This collection is a Mexican Eagle Coin stencil with a diameter of 3.8cm and a weight of 27g. On the front of the silver dollar is a winged eagle with a long snake in its mouth (the tail of the snake is connected with the wings of the eagle), standing on a cactus (the national flower) with one leg, and the book "REPUBLICAMEXICANA (Republic of Mexico)" in Spanish above the edge. In the center of the main picture on the back is a free soft cap, with 32 light pillars (representing 31 states and one federal district) radiating around the cap. The middle of the three light pillars on the top of the free cap is shorter. There are 11 light pillars on the lower edge of the free cap. Pillars of different lengths radiate around the cap, which symbolizes strength, loyalty, peace and freedom. What is more rare is that this coin is also an eagle ocean with new words and ten thousand characters. It is extremely rare. In the past, some of the symbols were used to mark and distinguish it from coins. Nowadays, in coin collections, different combinations of secret memories have produced a variety of editions. And this coin is in good condition, thick and natural. Because of its high silver content, it is unique among many foreign trade silver dollars, has a very high market share, and has a high collection value.


Mexico has maintained a long tradition of coinage, which has become an art. For money collectors, collecting coins from Mexico's clocks is very precious.


These foreign silver dollar material is precious, the artistic value is high, is cast by the precious metal or the silver alloy, the manufacture is exquisite, the design is exquisite, the writing is comely, the content is rich, the silver light is splendid, its appearance may be human, also has certain value preservation and the appreciation function. As collect of investment heat up ceaselessly, silver dollar is extremely hot in coin market, become a "dark horse" in collecting investment domain greatly from now on. This piece of collection is recommended as the core collection of dubai stores. Welcome to visit dubai stores for consultation and bidding. This is a rare opportunity!