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Recommendation of High-end Art Works in 2019: Bronze nameplate

陕西嘉禾艺术品有限公司【藏.荐】栏 为藏品强大的传播效应向各位买家推荐经一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让艺术珍品价值被发掘与重视。

Shaanxi Jiahe Art Works Co., Ltd. [Tibet. Recommendation] column recommends art treasures selected by first-class appraisal experts to all buyers for the powerful dissemination effect of the collection, which can help collectors to bridge the gap and let the value of art treasures be excavated and valued.

【名称】 青铜铭文盘

【规格】 直径:8.8cm 高:7.3cm



NameBronze nameplate

SpecificationDiameter: 8.8 cm high: 7.3 cm














The ancient nobles cast inscriptions on bronze wares with clear utilitarian purposes, mainly to show their ancestors to reflect their filial piety. The history books contain, "The bamboo of the book, the stone of the stone, the plate of the embarrassment", "Warring States policy, Zhaoce" "three points Zhao Guo, soil in the pan", "Lu's Spring and Autumn Period" has a record of "the name is cast in the pan". "Mozi Lu Wen": "Attack its neighboring countries and kill its people, thinking that it is remembered in Zhongding and passed on to future generations. "The worship of God, the founding of the country, the separation of the princes, the worship of the officials, the conquest of the merits, the prisoner ceremony, etc. are all cast in the inscription to glorify the present world and pass it on to the descendants as the family's pet. The amulet. In spite of this, the inscriptions on the bronze plate are not accompanied by them since the appearance of the plate, but reflect the changes from nothing, from less to more, and from more to less. Although the bronze plate appeared very early, there were no inscriptions on the bronze plate in the early and middle Shang Dynasty. Until the late Shang Dynasty, the bronze plate appeared in small numbers and was short in length, usually ranging from 1 to 4 words. In the late Western Zhou Dynasty, the inscription on the plate was neat, the size of the characters was similar, the pen was strong, and the font was rectangular. For example, the white plate inscription of the Ji Ji was loose, the handwriting was strong, the word was symmetrical, the body was vertical, and the structure was stable. Typeface presents a new artistic style, vertical and horizontal, impeccable, this style has continued until the Spring and Autumn period. There are certain common features with the known Qin language during the Spring and Autumn Period, which has become an important source of information for exploring the origin of the Qin language. Therefore, bronze inscriptions are deeply loved by Tibetans in the market today and have a high collection value.

此藏品现交于陕西嘉禾艺术品有限公司网络市场部专员运作推广,欢迎各位莅临本公司赏析及协商,广大收藏家可以通过各大媒体以及欢迎 到公司了解详情,如需意向购买,提前办理好相关手续过来公司协商

This collection is now handed over to the Network Marketing Commissioner of Shaanxi Jiahe Art Works Co., Ltd. for operation and promotion. Welcome to our company for appreciation and consultation. Collectors can get details through the major media and welcome to our company. If you want to purchase it, you can go through the relevant formalities to our company for consultation in advance.

一件藏品的成交离不开广告宣传!本集团以自成立以来,始终秉承“公开,公平,公正,诚实,守信”的服务原则, 做最实在的宣传,上最高端的平台,享受最好的服务。

Since its establishment, the Group has always adhered to the service principle of "openness, fairness, impartiality, honesty and trustworthiness", making the most solid propaganda, the top platform and enjoying the best service.


Special prompt:(above collection of treasures is: Shaanxi Mr. Zhao entrusted us to sell, welcome collectors from all walks of life to consult or bid, pictures are physical shooting, if there is doubt, we can make an appointment to see the physical object) Shaanxi jiayu art auction limited.