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Name of Collection:Blue and white water bowl

藏品规格:高10.9cm ,重量0.8kg

Collection specification: Height10.9 cm, weight0.8 kg


How to trade:Singapore Auction House


Every era will have some stirring heroic story, with the passage of time, or by people through the ages, or quietly forgotten. The changes of each dynasty, the rotation of emperors, all firmly hold the financial power and military power.


Each era also has its own unique products, reflecting the social background and economic development of the time, or as luxurious as porcelain, or as gentle as calligraphy and painting. Opening the door of history, deciphering the mystery behind it —— As a golden bowl


Blue-and-white porcelain is one of the traditional ceramic decoration varieties in China, which occupies a very important position in the history of China's ceramic development. As a palace porcelain and exquisite works of art, has a unique artistic charm, which was at that time the system of maturity and technology has a great relationship, the work has been respected by future generations, as a model of blue and white craft.


Blue and white pattern belongs to underglaze color porcelain, there are two kinds of blue flowers and blue and white flowers, bright and pure color, elegant and elegant pattern, and the characteristics of non-fading water, favored by the people.


The Water Cup is a traditional Chinese handicraft with a long history. Through the ages, scholars have always attached importance to and like stationery. In addition to the basic "pen, ink, paper, inkstone" , the Chinese stationery is also derived from many, such as seal, seal box, water basin, wash, pen container, ruler, inkstone screen, ink box and so on.


Water Pelvis, also known as Shui Cheng, inkstone drops, in ancient times is straight "water injection. ". Its main role is to add water to the inkstone pool, the first appeared in the Qin and Han dynasties. It has a variety of forms, ever-changing, but with the shape, pictograph in the majority, others are round, or Oblate, or vertical circle. From the material, it is very rich materials, clay, porcelain, copper, jade, crystal, hawksbill, Turquoise, agate, glass, lacquer, bamboo, cloisonne and more than 500 kinds. Its design is colorful, Borandukht, Jun red, green, Wujin, Lianqing, yellow goose, figures, landscapes, flowers and birds, cordyceps, everything.

此款青花高足水盂高10.9cm ,重量:0.8kg。水盂造型别致规整。中间束腰,上承敞口桃形盘腹。内里素白,外壁以淡描青花为饰,口沿和胫处分别以如意纹和花卉纹为边饰,腹部铺缠枝莲纹,花枝舒展,风姿绰约,生机勃勃。釉面白润细滑,胎质细腻洁白。且保存如此完美值得赏鉴,因烧制工艺较高,能保存下来的更是少之又少,具有一定的收藏价值及投资价值,值得藏家倾情收藏。

This model is 10.9 cm tall and weighs 0.8 kg. The water bottle has a unique and regular shape. Waist girdle in the middle, upper bearing open peach-shaped ventral. Inner Plain White, the outer wall to light blue and white as the decoration, along the mouth and Shins respectively to Ruyi pattern and floral pattern as the edge decoration, abdominal shop twine Lotus pattern, flower branches stretch, graceful and lively. The glaze is white and smooth, and the tread is delicate and white. And preservation is so perfect to appreciate, because the firing process is higher, can be preserved is even less, with a certain collection value and investment value, it is worth collecting.


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